What Is HRIS? Your Guide to the Basics


Without a good Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in place, you risk being met with delays and difficulties every time you do payroll, manage benefits, or attempt to recruit and train new employees. At Magellan, we realize that the key to a profitable business is one that strengthens the connection between employee and employer, and HRIS is a key component of that connection.


What Is HRIS?

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. It’s a comprehensive software program that means you no longer need to juggle your company’s HR spreadsheets and jump from task to task on various systems. One of the great benefits is that HRIS brings all your data into a cloud-based platform.


While this is not merely a storage system, it does offer great storage solutions for all your HR data that can be managed, tracked, and analyzed. One of its most impressive benefits is that when it’s installed, there’s no need to juggle multiple spreadsheets and manage data manually.


Automation of Extensive Tasks

An important element of this type of software is that it does more than merely manage spreadsheets. It’s able to automate laborious human resource tasks, assist with onboarding activities, and manage benefits administration, and all while ensuring that compliance measures are met.


Manages the Entire Workforce

Imagine a system that could expertly guide and direct every type of task involved during an employee’s tenure, from hiring paperwork and administration to managing the retirement. This type of power streamlines efficiency, improves effectiveness, and keeps you from falling into regulatory violations.


Get Started With HRIS Through Magellan

Every aspect of your business centers around human resources. Not only does HR give you the insight to hire top talent, but it can give you the metrics and information on how you can develop that talent to result in growth opportunities for both your employee and the company. Contact Magellan Human Capital Management today to see how this powerful software can be harnessed for you.