Wouldn’t it be great if you had something to offer your employees that increased retention, decreased turnover, benefited their lives, promoted the company goals and didn’t cost a lot?

We’ve got some great news for you.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is one of the best low-cost options to offer your employees that won’t drastically increase your costs.

No one gets to sail through life free of trials. At some point, everyone will face a personal crisis. Life happens to everyone. Divorce, anxiety, depression, grief, stress, substance abuse and other similar issues affect everyone.

What’s an Employee Assistance Program?

When you’re dealing with serious personal problems, your entire life is negatively impacted, including work performance. An EAP gives your employees a way to cope with personal issues by providing access to counselors and treatment options without using health insurance. The employer pays for the services at a discounted rate as part of their benefits package. In turn, both the company and its employees benefit

Company Benefits:

As an employer, providing an EAP delivers three main benefits:

  1.    Your employees know you care. By providing them additional help with personal problems, they know they work for a company that wants them to succeed personally as well as professionally. It creates a loyalty and sense of belonging when an employee feels like the company they work for actually cares about them and their family.
  2.    It increases work performance. If you’re going through marital issues and your company is understanding and provides couples counseling, you are more likely to put in a greater effort at work. The counseling will help you to focus, and as your marriage improves, everybody wins.
  3.    It is not expensive. Providing an EAP will actually lower your insurance costs. By providing mental health services, you can avoid medical issues caused by stress and anxiety. In many cases, providing support, counseling and therapy services now can avoid emergency room visits, surgeries, and major medical issues later.

Employee Benefits:

As an employee, having access to help with your personal issues gives you a lifeline when you need it most.

  1.    It’s confidential. No, you don’t have to go in and tell your boss you need help. With an EAP, the employer is not even notified when an employee uses the service. You don’t have to worry about judgment or job status when you seek help.
  2.    It’s not about work. Most of the time, life’s most challenging issues don’t come from the office. Many people deal with personal issues, legal issues, custody battles, parenting or relationship struggles, elderly parents or a death in the family. These are the types of issues EAP’s are built for. It’s designed to help your personal life so it doesn’t impact your job performance.
  3.    Sometimes it is about work, and it can help with that too. If your main source of stress is your job, EAP can help with that too. EAP services can help you learn to cope with stress, lower your anxiety, and deal with issues before they become serious problems.

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are a valuable resource for employees, but they are often overlooked. An estimated 97 percent of companies with more than 5,000 employees have an EAP; but small businesses can provide them as well at a very low cost to the employer. An EAP is just one piece of an overall health and wellness strategy. When combined with insurance and wellness programs, an EAP is often the key to promoting wellbeing and success of every employee.

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