Time, Attendance,
& Scheduling

Seamless Integration that Eliminates Stress

Magellan’s time solutions are completely native to the payroll system                               so you don’t have to import or export time cards ever again.  Time & Attendance automatically updates into the payroll feature to save time and prevent mistakes.  

Time, Attendance, & Scheduling

Keeping Control

Customize alerts that tell you when employees come in early, leave late or are close to overtime pay.  You can even monitor employees who take long lunches or breaks.  


Easily add, edit or delete punches quickly. Or, put a “geo-fence” that only allows punches within a certain radius of your office.  Managing the time punch system has never been easier.  


Allocate labor by job, location, or any other metric.  Easily communicate shifts and schedules with employees from the palm of your hand.  

Managing Breaks

Automate your meal and break policies and watch our technology track everything in real time.  

Time Clocks

Have employees clock in or out on a system that fits your business.  Choose from web clocks, kiosks, mobile devices, cards, proximity-tracking, bar codes or bio-metrics.  

Time, Attendance, & Scheduling


Need to track meals and breaks? Our tech makes it possible to automate your meal and break policies.

Time Clocks

Your employees will clock in or out using and combination of the following types of time clocks: mobile device, web clock (browser), virtual clock (kiosk), pin clock, magnetic card strip, proximity, bar-code, and/or bio-metric.


Customize overtime rules and receive alerts as employees approach overtime, all while staying compliant with state and federal requirements. 


Scheduling with quick access to time-and-attendance makes scheduling more efficient.  And, employees can see schedules right from their phone.  


Easily customize time rounding rules down to the minute. Employers retain control and employees have clear expectations they can count on.  


Receive real-time alerts anytime an employee clocks in early or late. Know when an employee is approaching overtime or taking advantage of breaks.  

Paid Time Off Requests

Employees can request time off right from their phone. Employers can approve or deny instantly and approved time off is automatically applied to the payroll.  

Time, Attendance, & Scheduling


Set alerts to automatically inform you of such things as In Early, In Late, Late Lunch, Long Break, Overtime and more!

Paid Time Off Requests

Employees can request time off for personal, vacation, or sick using our mobile app. All requests will be approved or denied by their supervisor or other designated person. All approved paid time off will automatically be applied to the payroll. Simple.

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