Payroll Taxes

Taxes Done Right.  Taxes Done on Time.


Filing Taxes Without Worry   

Payroll taxes can be complicated and mistakes are often expensive. Our team of experts calculate, prepare and process your state and federal taxes promptly and perfectly. 

Payroll Taxes
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National Expertise

Do you have employees in multiple states or local jurisdictions? No problem. We work with companies from all 50 states and have vast experience in tax law, legislation and regulation.

Stress-Free Tax Filings 

State and Federal tax commissions levy big penalties if tax payments are late, or missing. We guarantee that your filings will be submitted accurately and on time. We file everything from 940’s, W2’s, W3’s, annual reconciliations and much more. Every filing can be accessed quickly and employees have access to personal documents in the app.


Payroll Taxes
Payroll Taxes

All Your Payroll Tax Payments, Handled

There are big penalties for not making your payroll tax payments on time. We guarantee that your payroll tax payments will be made timely and accurately.

Annual Returns & W-2s, Filed

We file all your annual payroll returns such as your federal 940. We also file any applicable state or local annual returns such as the withholding annual reconciliation return. We also file the W-3 and W-2 with the Social Security Administration and we mail you copies to hand out to your employees. Your employees will also receive their W-2 electronically on their employee self service app.

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