Employee Self-Service

Employer Control & Employee Access

Our software allows employers to document and communicate HR needs from any computer or phone.  It’s convenient for employees and reduces work for HR staff.  

Employee Self-Service

Mobile or Desktop

Employees can access their employment information from any Android or iOS device.  24/7 access from any computer or tablet.  

Pay History

Gone are the days filling employee requests for paystubs. Employees can download or print paystubs, W2’s, 1099’s and more. 

Employee Documents

Easily share employee handbooks, performance reviews, contracts, tax documents and more. 

Benefit Enrollment

Employees can personally select their benefits during open enrollment.  They can also view coverage and see payroll deductions right from their employee login. 

Streamline Communication

Send documents, links, events, policies, and more through the messages feature on the mobile app.

Employee Self-Service

Benefit Enrollment

Employees can elect their benefits during open enrollment, view their coverage, and see what their payroll deductions are at any time.

Streamline Communication

Communicate documents, links, events, new policies, and just about anything else through the employee messages feature of the app.

Request Paid Time Off

Employees can check their paid time off balances and request time off right from the app.  Supervisors can approve or decline a PTO request from the app too.  Changes are automatically recorded in the payroll system so there’s no mistakes.

Push Notifications

The app can be configured to send push notifications anytime an employee receives a new paystub, performance review, or a decision has been made on a time-off request.  When important information is available, everyone knows about it.    

Mobile Punching

In addition to traditional punch options, we offer a feature that allows employees clock in and out using their mobile device. Our software can create a geofence around the office so employees can only clock in when and where they’re supposed to.

Mass Communication Made Simple

Our app allows HR staff to share pertinent information quickly and easily.   Share disciplinary actions, OSHA incidents, trainings, certifications and more.

Employee Self-Service

Share Anything HR

Our app allows you to share just about anything HR related in our system with your employees. For example, you could share disciplinary actions, OSHA incidents, company assets they are borrowing, skills, trainings, and certifications. In fact, using our custom fields, you can share any HR information you track in our system.

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