Learning Management

Online Learning That Cuts Costs

Training employees online is a great way to save time and money.  Magellan has an online training platform called “Learn”.   This software allows HR, supervisors and team leaders to create online training modules.      

Learning Management
Learning Management

Self-Paced Curriculum 

Set up time-sensitive benchmarks for training or let your team learn at their own pace.  Customize settings and automate training.    


Create badges and trophies when training courses are completed. Give  team members a sense of accomplishment as they learn.

Upload Your Content

Upload any document or video to personalize and customize training.  

Quizzes, & Certifications

Create quizzes, certifications or levels that help team members progress.  Customize settings for retaking tests or advancing to new modules.  Quickly view metrics that demonstrate mastery.   

Learning Management
Learning Management

Upload Your Content

Upload video and documents to personalize and customize the learning material and experience to your team members’ needs.

Paths, Quizzes, & Certifications

Create your own quizzes, certifications, and paths for your team members. Allow them to re-take only once, or give them multiple attempts to pass; you’re in control.

Learning Management


“Learn” provides reports that analyze the effectiveness of your training courses. You’ll know where each employee is in their training process. 

Learn PRO

Utilize highly professional training programs on leadership, safety, compliance and much more with our upgraded program called “Learn Pro”.  Your team can access 150+ proven training videos instantly.  


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