Employee Engagement

Create a Culture of Success

Company culture makes a big difference in how employees feel and perform at work.  Mojo is a built-in employee engagement platform that improves company culture.   

Employee Engagement

Feed Wall

The feed wall helps teams stay on task and in alignment on group projects.  Use it within departments or across entire organizations.   

Personalized Dashboard

Keep the information you need front and center with an easy-to-use Mojo dashboard.  All team members have access to transparent company information.  

Pulse Surveys

Gauge what an individual or group is thinking about a particular idea, situation, or project.  Increase team participation and listen to valid feedback to improve culture.


Watch good ideas rise to the top as team members share ways to improve your products, customer service and culture.    


There’s no need to wait to give praise.  Immediately recognize team members who are rocking it.

Employee Engagement


Watch good ideas rise to the top as team members give upvotes from the entire company.


There is no need to wait to give praise — immediately recognize team mebers who are rocking it.

Rewards & Recognition

Reinforce behaviors you want to see more of by creating a rewards program.  Award cool stuff to your employees when they achieve something great.


Keep team members engaged by gamifying sales quotas or customer service metrics.  Tie the games to your rewards and watch employees have fun hitting their goals.   

Interactive Org Charts

Provide insight into your company’s structure and help team members understand where they fit in the big picture.  Show employees a career path that makes them want to stay.  

Idea Sharing Tools

Knowledge is power and ideas are what helps your company improve.  Mojo makes it easy to share valuable information across your organization.  

Employee Engagement

Idea Sharing Tools

Makes sharing knowledge and ideas with other team members across the organization easy.

Mojo Performance

Take team development to the next level with Mojo Pro-Performance. Keep your teams aligned with the company mission and understand each employees strengths and weaknesses.   If you’re serious about maximizing your employee’s talents, there’s no better tool to show you where they are now, and how far they can go in the future.  

Performance Reviews

Team members need good, clear feedback to grow.  Mojo Perform makes it easy to track and communicate employee performance.  Tie company, team, and individual goals to the performance review and recognize team member contributions. 

360 Feedback

Mojo Perform’s 360 Feedback tool gives you the ability to seek feedback from anyone, including vendors, customers, team members, managers and entry level employees.  It’s a simple way to get the feedback employees need to improve.  

Goal Setting & Monitoring

Easily add goals for individuals, teams or your whole organization.  Attach specific goals to workstreams to keep employees on task.  Get real-time updates on projects across departments and track progress towards your biggest goals.  

Keeping The Best Talent 

Easily show managers and executives how team members are performing.  Use this feature to identify superstar employees quickly and determine who may be a great candidate for a promotion.

Employee Engagement

Nine Box

Show managers and executives which team members are performing best, mediocre, and poor. Use this feature to identify superstar employees at a glance and determine who may be a great candidate for promotion.

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