Human Resources

From the day they’re hired to the day they retire, we have the HR tools you need.

Simple Software + Expert Support

HR is complex and ever-changing.  Keeping up with legislation, regulation and market conditions is constant.  The good news is you don’t have to know everything.  

Our software handles the most tedious parts of HR and our team of payroll specialists, benefits experts, insurance brokers and attorneys help you navigate the most difficult issues in your business.  

Human Resources

Hiring & Onboarding

We simplify the hiring process to get new recruits through the paperwork and training process quickly.  The faster they’re onboarded, the faster they can contribute.

Learning Management

“LEARN” is a program that streamlines online training.  Create and distribute training modules, quizzes and employee progress tools.  Or, sign up for “LEARN PRO” and get access to 150+ training modules. 

Employee Engagement

Improve company culture by getting your employees invested. Our engagement tool allows employers to measure employee morale, gamify company goals, crowdsource ideas and give praise to your team.   


Track anything related to HR with our comprehensive human resources platform.

HR Compliance

Without the right experts and resources, HR can be a minefield. We give you tools to stay compliant.

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