Business owners of companies large and small understand that choosing the right payroll service is vitally important to every single employee. But if your business isn’t large enough to have its own HR department, or if you just aren’t prepared to deal with the ins and outs of hiring, employee verification, insurance, and all other human resources issues, we’re here to help!

Payroll Services

Our online payroll software is easy to use, so it doesn’t matter if your company employs one person or thousands; we can handle it all. Even if your employees are in different states and tax jurisdictions, we can handle that, too! We assure the payroll tax calculations are correct, and we pay your people on time.

You don’t have to think about your payroll tax payments; we submit all tax payments to their respective jurisdictions. All federal and state tax returns are guaranteed to be filed on time and accurate, or we will pay all penalties and interest if we miss a deadline.

The annual W-3 and W-2’s are filed directly with the social security administration, and we mail you copies to hand directly to your employees, or they can access them directly on the self-service app.

Employee Self-Service App

We offer an app that all your employees can access directly on their smartphones or their desktop computers. You can access your employees for anything HR and payroll 24/7! The app offers a work history, a place to request pay stubs, employment documents like employee handbooks or performance reviews, their benefit information, and so much more. It offers a way to streamline your communication to keep everyone in the know.

Magellan Human Capital Management is a full-service firm that puts our customers first and works with CPAs and insurance brokers all over the country. We can handle all your human resource and payroll needs by using our cutting-edge technology, which will save you time and let you spend more time doing the important work of growing your business.

Call us today to request more info about how we can solve all your payroll service and HR needs!