Direct deposit every two weeks is no longer enough. Employees today want more. They want to feel valued, taken care of, and a part of something better.

A good salary is nice, but millennial employees today are looking for company perks that money can’t buy. They are looking for an employer that gives them benefits to help them be successful at work while enjoying life at the same time. So, what are the best benefits to offer employees to keep them satisfied and keep your own costs down?

Check out these benefits that are sure to get your employees excited, be successful, and increase your own retention:

Make working from home a possibility

Sometimes just getting to work is a huge stressor in your employees’ lives. Having the technology available to work from home is something more and more employees are looking for. For employers who are concerned about the effect on productivity, try starting out slowly by allowing people one day a week to work from home on a trial basis and see how it goes.

Feed your employees

Imagine walking into the office and being surprised with a hot breakfast, a box of doughnuts, or a lunch menu on your desk. You don’t have to provide full free meal service, but special company meals, lunch vouchers, or even gift cards for lunch once a week can be a huge perk to let your employees know how they are appreciated.

Altered work week in the summer

If business slows down during a specific time of the year, consider providing shorter hours or closing on certain days. Working 4 ten-hour days with Fridays off during the summer can be a big incentive for employees.

Encourage educational opportunities

Some of the world’s largest corporation are rewarding their loyal employees with educational support, tuition, or student loan reimbursement. By providing financial support for educational expenses, your employees are more likely to participate in programs that will give them valuable skills, making them better at their job.

Extended holiday breaks

Nobody wants to work December 24th, most people are heading out of town on July 3rd. If possible, extend typical vacation days when the workload slows down anyway. If possible, give employees an extra day off for personal holidays like birthdays or anniversaries.

Create a fun environment:

Make work a place where people actually want to be. You can do this easily with little or no cost to you. Consider things like a game room, a book exchange, or a jigsaw puzzle in the conference room. If possible, create a garden area in the courtyard outside or bring in a ping pong table in the break room. Consider painting the walls a peaceful color or enhancing workspace in other ways. Learn more about your employees and what they would appreciate.

Paid time off for a good cause

Give employees an additional day or two a year of PTO for community service or volunteer work. Giving them the opportunity to serve others helps them feel good about themselves and feel good about a company that believes in the value of helping others.

The greatest benefit of all is making work into a more enjoyable experience and feeling good about the company they work for. when employees feel good, the work environment is pleasant, and camaraderie is encouraged everybody wins.

Best benefits to offer employees to help them be excited to come to work