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We forge partnerships based on trust, collaboration and mutual benefit.

We are looking for companies (nationwide) who want to make payroll and HR services a big part of their business. If any of the following describes your company, please contact us:

  • I want to protect my clients from the competition.
  • I want to generate a new stream of residual income.
  • I want to grow my core business.
  • I want a partner who is trustworthy and won’t compete against me.
  • I want a partner who trains, supports and encourages me to succeed.
  • I want a partner who provides me marketing materials and sales support to help me close the deal.
  • I want a partner who is always innovating to stay ahead of the competition.
  • I want a partner who trusts me and empowers me to set my own price.

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We partner with CPAs and insurance brokers all over the country. Request more information or log in below.