Getting a good workout in shouldn’t be expensive. If you’ve stopped going to the gym because you no longer have the money for hefty membership fees, we’ve got you taken care of. There are lots of ways to stay in shape and get healthy that don’t require a monthly fee or an hourly rate. Here are just a few ways to exercise on a budget and still get a top-notch workout.

Use your smartphone:

Exercise videos are still available (usually at the library) but you don’t need them. Instead, use your smartphone to find apps or YouTube videos that give you what you’re looking for. You can find everything from kickboxing to Yoga with step-by-step instructions and lots of variety to keep things interesting.

Join a club:

Look in your area for a walking or running club you can join for free. If there’s not one – consider starting one by advertising on Facebook and scheduling a few workouts together. You can make friends and get a great workout in at the same time.

Forego fancy:

Sure, a home-gym full of fancy equipment is nice, but you can get a great workout in with a pair of resistance bands, inexpensive dumbbells, jump ropes and a decent pedometer. If you’re budget is super tight, you don’t need any equipment at all. Body-weight workouts can still help you burn calories using nothing more than your own body.

Go Secondhand:

Look on craigslist, eBay or local garage sales for second-hand equipment that still has lots of use left. You can find everything from cardio machines to multi-station home gyms for a fraction of the cost.

Be Active:

Instead of getting stuck in a gym rut, use the activities available in your area to get a good workout. Trade in the row machine for an actual canoe or kayak on the river, get off the stair-stepper and go on a hike, enjoy a bike ride outside or a run down the beach.


It’s a great workout, doesn’t cost anything, and makes you feel better.

Use a Park:

Instead of sitting on the bench and watching your kids play, actually go to the park with them and use the equipment available to get in a great workout. Monkey bars make great pull-up bars, and little kids are fantastic hand weights.  

Sign up for a race:

If you need a little motivation, sign up for a local 5K, 10K, or half-marathon. Sometimes, having an event to train for is the best way to motivate yourself to workout at home.

Go Swimming:

Next time you’re at the pool with your kids, hop in with them and do a few laps. You won’t feel hot and sweaty, but you’ll great some great cardio in while you’re kids are playing nearby.

Swap out your car:

Instead of driving everywhere, hop on a bike and cycle to work. Run errands on your bicycle with a backpack. There’s even a cycle to work tax break you can take advantage of.

A little creativity, time, and thinking outside the box can get you the Beyoncé body you’re looking for without spending your last dime on a personal trainer. Save your splurges for something else and enjoy your workouts again.

There are lots of ways to stay in shape and get healthy that don’t require a monthly fee. Here are just a few ways to exercise on a budget and still get